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Feliz Aniversario Justin

so, you’re now 19. crazy how i got to know you back in 2009, when you were just 15, and from the first moment i saw you, i knew you would be huge. the day i first saw you with that floppy hair, supras and a hoodie, i fell for you. for your music, your smile, your cute laugh, i fell for everything in the package. 
it’s 2013 and i still fall more and more everday. i couldn’t have asked for a better idol. i know you have messed up a few times, but i’m proud of you for standing up everytime you fall. thank you for everything you have done not only for me, but for every fan of yours out there. you have no idea of how proud i am of you. it’s crazy the things i have done for you. when i grow up i’ll tell my children “when i was your age i did quite silly things for this amazing guy who i never got to know but who meant so much to me”. and you will still mean something to me, because you’re a huge part of my childhood and teenage years, and i’m so glad you’re. i have seen you grow up and become a huge sensation. but to me, you will always be kidrauhl. no matter how many haircuts you get, how many people you date, or how many mistakes you make. 
happy birthday justin, i love you.♡

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